Laurent Velours

President & Architect & Fullstack Developer

Codingweb has been made by Laurent Velours in 2015, graduated from ISTIA (Fifth year of university studies in software engineering), Angers (France) in 2003, with more than 10 years experience in the web as an engineer, CTO of OpenPortal (known as Alcuin now), co-founder & CTO of FretSolutions in 2013.

In addition to his role as President / CTO of Codingweb, he teaches Javascript / Node.js / mongodb to IMIE Institute Angers since 2015

He is involved as an organizer of the event 'Humantalks' in the association Maine Labs in Angers

Jordan Leray

Fullstack Developer

Enthusiastic developer and passionate about computers in general, Jordan Leray has completed an IUT Computer Science after his BAC. He graduated from ISTIA in 2018.

Before working for CODINGWEB, he was a .NET developer at Alcuin.

Jordan also participates in several IT projects outside the professional context, particularly at the associative level.

Pierre Cochard

Fullstack Developer

After working as a .NET and unity developer for 3 years, Pierre Cochard joined the CODINGWEB team in 2020 as a fullstack developer.
Passionated by computer sciences, after a IUT in softwares and electronics, in Tours, Pierre received his diploma in 2017 from ISTIA, in Angers.
He also loves Blender modeling.

Anaïs Cotinet

Graphic designer & Web Integrator

Graphic designer and web integrator, Anaïs Cotinet studied graphic design at EEGP in Angers before doing a web development traiging in Nantes to enrich her skills.

Interested in many subjects, but especially in design, Anaïs is here to bring the graphic touch to CODINGWEB’s projects.

Thomas Tabuteau

Fullstack Developer

Passionate about computers and technology in general, Thomas Tabuteau improved on his 2 year diploma in computer engineering with an engineering degree at Polytech Angers, from which he graduated in 2021.

He joined CODINGWEB that same year after several internships at the company.

Thomas is an electronics and DIY enthusiast and always has a personal project in the works.